Jamila April Johnson

In September 2014, I had emergency surgery for appendicitis.  As a healthy individual, I was shocked to learn that my body was fighting a loosing battle against an infection, and my health and and well being was greatly compromised. Pre and post surgery, my stomach was extremely inflammed. I wanted to further detoxify and cleanse my body, in addition to giving my body what it needed for a speedy recovery (not 4-6 weeks as typical with this surgery.)

I wanted my skin to have a healthy, vibrant glow again and my stomach to be tightened, toned and firm.
A friend of mine told me about ItWorks products to achieve my desired results. To aid my process my friend encouraged me to continue on the greens to further, detoxify, balance, and alkalinize my body. The greens beery alone contains, 8 fruits, 8 vegetables, and 38 Superfoods...of course I was convinced.

ItWorks was exactly what my body needed to be nourished.  Less that 1 week post surgery, I felt rejuvenated and energized at a cellular level, and my body was assimilating food much better.  A week and a half post surgery I was able to return back to work fully capable of taking on my regular patient load (as a massage therapist). I was able to tighten, tone and firm my stomach, even while restricted from exercising.
I am so thankful for the ItWorks products because I have experienced just how powerful the products are at enhancing one's health.  As an ItWorks distributor, I am so excited to help others feel this amazing! Just imagine how much more amazing you could look and feel. 

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